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Avalanche smoke effects


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I'm still relatively new to Houdini but I've been trying to create an avalanche effect to add onto a matt painting I've layed out in Nuke.

So far I've made a basic terrain, a particle sim that I converted to VDB so that's working okay so far and sliding across the terrain. Then I added a smoke effect to be emitted on top using Pyro FX billowy smoke. 

However, I'm running into a few problems;

One is that smoke effect is being hard to control and I can't seem to get it to react anything like an avalanche and I can't seem to get the rendered view to look correct in terms of the smoke.  

Any help would be really appreciated as I've hit a bit of a wall with this one. I've linked to a file with my work so far. 



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Here is my revision of your scene.

  • I added an Extrude Volume to the landscape, instead of the polyextrude to make the terrain have a lot of boxy space to insure better collision.
  • I returned Gravity to the defaults.
  • I enabled hits on the particles and set their collision state to Slide.
  • I added Drag to the particle system and reset Friction to the default of 1.0 for the collision surface and the popobject.
  • I added the temperature field to the resize_container node so it better detects the bounds. I also disabled Max Bounds so the box can grow as needed.
  • I lowered the Scale Source Volume and the Scale Temperature inside the Smoke Simulation drastically. I set it to 0.05 instead of 1.0. Keep these two values matched. If you change one, change the other.
  • Inside the smoke source I disabled Curl Noise on the Density and enabled Curl Noise on the vel field.
  • I reduced Bouancy Lift and reset the Simulation parameters to their default. This removed the time scale and viscosity attempts you had in place.

I think the key to keeping the smoke from getting too far ahead of the moving mass is the scale parameters on the Source Volume inside the Smoke Simulation. You may want to add a RBD tumbling simulation along the leading edge as well. I'm not really sure how to detect that in this setup, however?



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