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Crowds: transition from one agent to another


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So im using two agents from the shelf: Mocap Biped 2 and Mocap Biped 3. But when I want to transition one clip from biped 2 to the clip from biped 3 weird things happen (image).

Does this mean that bipeds are different and you cannot transition clips between them? Maybe I should copy animations from one agent to another, but how can I do that?

(scene in attachment)




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yeah i gave up with any off the shelf mocap bipeds and built my own in maya rigged and animated there then i just bring those in as clips for my agent setup.  That was one of my goals for using the crowd system anyway so i could integrate various rigged meshes from maya but its annoying that the mocap bipeds are different skels on the shelf.

It may/will be possible to retarget the anim from one biped to another in houdini then export that out but not sure how.

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