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Fizzy Fluid wip.

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Hi There

Attached is a link to fizzy fluid, my attempt at creating a fluid which fizzes and foams, in this instance it's beer.

It's very much a work in progress and low sample render, there are issues that need correcting and features to be added but I thought it was time to get some feedback.

Simmed in Houdini 15, rendered in Houdini 15 , Mantra using the Phy Shader.




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Hi Again

Attached is a link to fizzy fluid mk2.

A low sample render.

Lots of issues, namely..

Shaders/Lighting/Render all need work.

Bubble culling algorithm needs refining.

The bubble/foam emitter is a place holder, need to think of a better way of placing it.

The pour is also a place holder, needs refining.

At this stage have mainly been concerned with flow of fluid in the glass, bubble paths, bubble to foam transition and the behaviour of the foam.

Still a long way to go.





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Hi Nigel!


Cool! IMHO it's hard to gauge a full speed fluid sim without motion blur , it somehow always looks a bit like liquid glass - what you've got already looks really interesting.

I do wonder, however if the velocities of the bubbles moving downwards on pour is a bit aggressive/linear.

I would maybe expect them to move a bit more in an arc - if it makes any sense?

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Hi Hamp

I'm a photographer, so for the last twenty years I've been trying to take the blur out of high speed fluid shots, I need to get my head around motion and blur. I'm sure you're right.

Re the bubble velocities, yeah they are meant to be advected around inside the fluid surface with a general upward trend. The upward velocity was too large in proportion to the advect velocity and I think I don't have enough swirl in the vel field for the advection.

I can't use the flip vel field to advect the bubbles as it doesn't really have the right motion  so I build a smoke volume out of the flip surface each frame, move that around, and use that to generate a vel field for the bubble advection. It's possible I have an issue here as well, need to check that.



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Hi again!

I understand the whole reasoning around the motion blur, and I certainly were to agree if it was a slowmo shot. Of course it can also be an aestethic choice, even at full speed. My point was just that it's an easier sell as realism with motion blur , once again only imho. :)

Nice to hear your reasoning with the bubbles! I'm sure you'll nail it :) I would also instictly think about a vel field akin to ink in water + upward buoyancy, sounds like a plausible track.

If you advect the bubbles using the vel field, it's worth playing around with the different kinds of advection in the dop node, can give very different results.

Best of luck!


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This looks fantastic. Would it be possible to see a hip file? Would be great to see how you go about doing this sort of thing (also I'm doing something similar for a uni project, and have no idea how to start it haha).

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