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[Solved] How does the pivot work in the Make Transform node

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How does the pivot work when using the make transform Vop node?

I am trying break down and figure out the function of the Make Transform node using python (Outside of any 3d software).

The Translate is pretty basic as I can just place them into a matrix as they are x = m[3][0], y = m[3][1] and z = m[3][2].

For rotation I am using the following:

def EulerToMatrix(Rotation):
	x, y, z = Rotation
	XM = M3([[	1, 	0, 	0],
			[0, math.cos(x), -math.sin(x)],
			[0, math.sin(x), math.cos(x)]])
	YM = M3([[math.cos(y), 0, math.sin(y)],
			[0,	1,	0],
			[-math.sin(y), 0, math.cos(y)]])		
	ZM = M3([[math.cos(z), -math.sin(z), 0],
			[math.sin(z), math.cos(z), 0],
			[0,	0,	1]])
	return (ZM * YM * XM)

I can then just pipe this information into the Matrix4.

The problem I have now is that I cannot find any information that I can understand on how to apply the pivot to the matrix4. It's not as simple as just adding.

I have attached a file that has the make transform that I am using to test against. The pivot seems to be linked to the rotation and so I am guessing it is related to the scale as well. Is there any way to break down how this pivot transforming works?


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I got closer with setting the pivot as the transform of a second matrix and multiplying the two but something is still off. 

With the pivot the position becomes (0.42052, 11.0109, 7.3853)

With the multiplying it becomes  (0.54003, 11.050306, 7.68421)


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