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reducing resolution of a poly mesh for animated character


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Still a bit of a Houdini newbie here. Can someone suggest the best techniques to reduce the resolution a quad poly mesh without significantly changing topology ?.  In other words,  the topology is already good for animation, but I would like to reduce the polygon count and keep the topology as close as possible to the original.  Most manual methods show how to create a lower resolution retopologized mesh from  dense  geometry that has been sculpted in a program like "ZBrush".   In this case, I already have a retopologized mesh that has a nice tessellation (quads) for deformation/animation on a skeleton, but I would like to change resolution, preserving quads.   Are there any semi-automatic methods for doing this ?

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I usually use a PolyReduceSOP and set it to around 10%. Works most of the time. Other ways I've seen people do it was to create a VDB from polygons and converting it back to geometry with an high adaptivity on the convertVDB sop.

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