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Isolating multi objects without packing

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Hello again,

I posted something similar to this a few months ago, and discovered the solution . However, I ran into a situation where I need an alternative solution.

I have a multi-object copied to points on a sphere. After the copy I want to isolate the multi object in a foreach. If I pack the geo it works. However, if I don't pack the geo it will not work, instead I may just get one object from the multi-object. 

I am very curious to know what an alternative would be without packing the geo and just sticking to full geo.


I attached my scene file for anyone who wants to take a look at my first solution,  as well as any alternative they would like to add .


Thank you.


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You can create an attribute called "piece" (assign @ptnum) on your template points, and activate "Use Template Point Attributes" to transfer them onto each copy.
Then attribute-promote "piece" to primitives, and do the For-Each by using attribute "piece".

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