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Using Volume Mask in Particle Fluid Surface


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Hi all,

Does anyone know how to use the mask input option to smooth a part of the mesh inside the particle fluid surface node?
I want to specify with a volume (ie. a bounding box) which part of the mesh to smooth or keep (instead of using the velocity or vorticity mask).
I created the volume to mask with (just a box turned to vdb) as a separate OBJ, I am then object merging it and connecting it to the third input of the fluid surface node, then in the filtering tab in mask input I check it and put in the name of the volume. I have tried to do several different things on the volume itself (regular VDB, Fog VFB, etc.) and nothing seems to work or make any difference. When I turn visualize mask on all it shows is nothing is applied to it (ie. all of the surface has 0 smoothing applied to it) 
How do I properly use this feature and get the node to recognize the mask? Am I going about this the right way?
Many thanks,

CrownSplash Anim C.hiplc

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Hey Karl,

Thanks a bunch! That works great. It's surprising its so hard to find how to use that one.. looked everywhere.

If you have a minute, can you please explain a little what you did.. I follow the graph, but dont understand - any value greater than zero you convert from an integer to a float and export back to mask? why? 

Is the volumevopoutput doing anything there is was it just left over from something else?

I also had the naming wrong in the fluidsurface node, missing the @name= Im confused when it needs that and when you can just put in the name there like a variable.. I will look more into it.

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