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CHOPs modify DOPs - using pointsfromvolume SOP

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A bit of a challenge for me and would appreciate feedback to see if I am on the right track.
So many ways to accomplish the same thing it seems in Houdini.

My goal in this exercise is to fully understand how to use CHOP data to influence and modify DOPs.

STEP1 - Convert cached volume to points using pointsfromvolume SOP

STEP2- Somehow use CHOP info to alter these points (in the attached .hip a simple sine motion)

I might need some handholding in regards to VEX, whether I use a Pointwrangle or VOP SOP.
Also attached is a corrected .hip file

Not to repeat myself but my question as noted in the sticky file is  

"How to use CHOP data to influence movement of new particles in poinstfromvolume?"

The only key image is the first one, I was unable to delete previously uploaded screen grabs.








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