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Attribute VOP (Detail)

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Is there any point in using Attribute VOP set to Detail?
I have been trying to use it because when I want to do calculations that are not mesh element dependent, in my mind, doing it in Detail will have better performance. But it seems I can't visualize them, so I wonder if I'm having some "wrong thinking" out of this.

Example: I have a 0,1,0 vector on a Bind Export. It's visualized in both Primitive and Points, but not in Detail.
You can see it color (green) but no vector or marker.



I was expecting markers at the origin and vector rooted at the origin. But nothing.

Let me know how Detail should be visualized. Thanks

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Yeah but, then the data/vectors are rooted at the point/prim centroid... I neither wish to copy it to the elements or see data rooted on them. I just want to see that vector not per point. Imagine when I try to see an array of vectors. I'll see an array per point as well when just want to see the array?

Feature request material?

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