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Carving roads on terrain, Houdini 16

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3 hours ago, Doudini said:

A quick test I made for you. 

I think a better option might be to do some custom heightfield vex/vop that can give better control over the edges.

That's exactly what I needed, thanks a lot Doudini :), One question more please: how did you snapped the curve to the terrain?

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Glad it has helped you :)

I did not snap the curve to the terrain. I just turned on the C-Plane on the ground and then added a simple base curve.

After that you can add more points with shift click between the lines. 

to move points up and down hold down shift and grab one point. This way you can put them to the approximate height of the terrain very quickly without any need for snapping. just make sure the c-plane is aligned correctly. You can also hold shift after dragging a point to a new location and that will move it upwards from the cplane too. 


Another method would be to automate the process with the use of a Ray SOP and project your curve onto the heightfield. The Ray SOP works with 2d volumes too.


Attached an updated example with the rayproject option. Note that you can use the lift value in the ray sop to shift the curve down a bit and also use a smooth or blur sop to straighten out the curve a bit after the projection.


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Hi Doudini,

Just wondering if you can help me with the last file you put up. 

I'm just starting my move to this crazy houdini world from max (Wish I had done this a long time ago). What you there I kind of understand but how could I add a second road? I tried to copy and paste the road section and merge before output also a HF Wrangle instead of merge. But not getting very good results. 

Also is it possible to branch from the curve? or how could I (Assuming above is possible) blend one curve into another? The second option would be better I think for texturing i.e. from road to track.



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