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Particles rotate based in friction

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Hi guys I have a question that is breaking my headoff.
I have a simple set up, I have a ground to collide and is scattering points in the surface , based in the distance threshold of an animated geo, I created a group based in an attribute, also have the N and v set up.

From this group I'm creating particles to simulate some kind of debri left behind of the falling "rock".

The particles when are born they rotate until they hit the ground, but not when are falling or "sliding" in the surface of the ground. I have a POPGraings that give me this nice falling/sliding look.

Any idea on how to get the particles rotate based on the friction or contact with the ground surface?

Thanks for any idea you can give me :D


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At the beginning I was trying to solve this issue with POPs, but at the end I used packed objs to have the rotation and some color based groups to have the active points and make the packed objs move, based in this active points also added some dust to the scene.

This was used a lot of times so HDAs to the rescue!

Can't post the final scene or anything right know, but when I'm able to, I'll post it!!

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