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Latest Houdini 16.0.633 won't launch in Ubuntu(16.04 LTS)

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Was running Houdini 16.0.597 on my setup without issue:

Ubuntu -Mate 16.04

Nvidia driver version 378.134


Decided I'd like to try and install the latest build 16.0.633(also tried 16.0.632)

After installing, no errors but nothing launches when I double click!


Next tried switching to the latest Nvidia driver 381.22 since 90% of any issues on Linux are related to Nvidia drivers:)

Now I at least get a splash screen but then Houdini Indie crashes!

The older 16.0.597 installer is no longer available so now am stuck as to what do...

Anyone have any troubleshooting suggestions?

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If you run houdini from the Terminal, you might get more information. With Houdini installed in the standard location, open the Terminal and run:

cd /opt/hfs16.0.633;source houdini_setup;cd --; houdinifx --foreground

Hopefully, that'll give you more information when it crashes.

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Hi Marty

yes similar but not identical

Previous (crash on launch) issue was due to an improper BIOS setting preventing nVidia driver from loading

Current is  incompatibility with most recent production build and latest nVidia driver.

Finally have working again with QT4 version of Houdini 16.0.633 AND older version (the one that worked for me previously) nVidia driver 378.13.

Now the problem is Redshift, which crashes Houdini on render:)

The only solution it seems is to revert back to my older version 16.0.597 QT4 which I had to retrieve directly from sesi since it is no longer available to download.


Next time will think twice before I upgrade Houdini....

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Sounds weird as you never need to delete a previous Houdini to install a new one.

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