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Exporting FBX Geometry with Multiple Materials

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Hi Guys

I'm trying to export a fractured geometry with two materials, one for the original faces and one for the new faces generated after fracturing. I just can't seem to figure out what sort of attributes I need to have for the FBX exporter in Houdini to include them as two distinct materials. I've tried the material node in various configurations but I just can't seem to get it right.




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I loosely believe you can only have materials assigned at the object level, with FBX export. So you need to split your geometry up like that.... but...

The real test is to apply two materials per a face/primitive in maya/max import it into Houdini and see how the imported tree looks like, that will tell you for certain, how it needs to be exported.



This thread may be helpful.


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Adding previous thread on similar topic.

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The material node works fine. If the primitives have the shop_materialpath attribute you should be good. Where is your render flag? Can you share the file?

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