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Found 74 results

  1. Hey everyone, I've made a crowd simulation, and for that I inputed an FBX (from C4D) with bones and skin to the Agent node and added many animation clips. I wanted to make my chars open their mouth like you'd usually do with a blend shapes node, but the rig is not accessible in Houdini and there's no nodes for skin and bones (if there were I could just add blend shapes to geo) Do you guys have any idea how I could add those facial expressions without going back to C4D and having to add more bones and re-skin the base rig/model? Thank you.
  2. Hi. I have basic polyline. Turned into the rig with RigDoctor and animated via Rig Wrangle. I would like to export animation to fbx beacause as far as I understood in order to export fbx animation one needs to use rig system. But nothing works(((. Second question is how to export to fbx copy to points animation. In general I wasn't expecting exorting fbx animation to be so complex. Thanks in advance
  3. Hi everyone, I created simple pop network with fixed particle count (100) and connect sphere to particle points. I want to export 100 animated seperated spheres to fbx files. I try to different ways but spheres not moving in fbx files Waiting for gold helps thanks.
  4. Hi brains ! Need help! I've got a mesh (as an example I'll use pig head) and I'm using a "mesh slice" node to split it in different parts, using $F as index, basically every frame I see a different slice of the pig. Tried to export in fbx using rop fbx but can't find a way to create a different file for each frame. I can export in obj and it works by saving each frame in a separate file "test$F.obj" but does not work with FBX rop, I always get only one FBX file.. Any idea ? Thanks in advance, happy houdiniiiing ! MeshSliceFBX.hip
  5. Shop_Materialpath as primitive group

    Hello everybody ! I have a little problem with an fbx that I import on houdini. The object contains several textures, the concern is that to apply them I have to use groups. The fbx contains the shop_materialpath attribute, but I don't know how to use it to assign my different textures ... It seems to me that the easiest would be to use this attribute to create groups to finally assign the textures to these different groups? But I don't know how to "extract" this attribute to do something else ...
  6. Diving inside the network i can see the rop fbx responsible for exporting the low res fbx geo. I am trying to do the same thing in an other setup but i cant figure out how does it get triggered. Usually you have to press the Save button or build a TOP network. i dont see any TOP networks inside the HDA
  7. Hi, I have a very large model in Houdini that I want to import into Unreal 5. Due to PC limitations, I only work on pieces of the model at a time and export each of them to FBX to bring into Unreal 5. This is very slow as FBX is single core/thread. Is there a way to use the Houdini Engine Plugin to loop through all the pieces and generate the uassets for them. Potentially something that is faster than FBX?
  8. I want to import a Houdini mesh into Unity via FBX. In Houdini, the object has vertex normals which define hard/soft edges. I export with the FBX ROP. No matter which FBX options I try, I can't pass this hard/soft edge info on to Unity. I can re-define normals in Unity by face angle, but I'd prefer to read in Houdini vertex info directly. Unity expects "smoothing groups", which don't exist in Houdini. I don't see any "smoothing" related options in the FBX ROP. Someone else, when exporting to Unreal, fixed this by adding a string prim attribute in Houdini to define "smoothing groups". But this prim attribute is Unreal-specific (1st link). I'm not the first having trouble importing hard/soft edges into Unity (2nd link). https://www.sidefx.com/forum/attachment/f7125ef24d8648354a6623078f76b2015c14066d/ https://polycount.com/discussion/92226/fbx-and-vertex-normals-of-a-skinned-mesh
  9. Hi, I have some geo with point animation (such as animating the surface with a point VOP, or alternatively using a mountain SOP). I want to be able to export this to an FBX (or other format) for playback in Unity. When I export FBX, the animation will import fine back into Houdini, but Unity is not showing any animation, and from my research thus far it seems that I cannot export point animation to Unity, only object level stuff which seems quite limiting. (See Olivers post here: https://www.sidefx.com/forum/topic/76189/) Does anybody know what the best way is to do this? Thanks
  10. Hi all, Can anyone recommend a good pipeline or an asset library management tool to use with Houdini + Redshift? Looking at alternatives, Mantra supports relatively simple FBX import and material conversion that (almost) works out of the box with material groups and such. C4D has an asset library to streamline asset management. I tried creating the shelf tool described here but wondering if there's a better method since 2018: I seem to struggle/spend way too long every time I need to import FBX. What's your solution to asset management working with Redshift in Houdini?
  11. I found that houdini will automatically clamp the texture coordinate attributes to vector2 when export geo to FBX file. This is quite annoying since I need those extra channel of texcoord (can be vector4) to store some custom data for the use in Unity. So is there any workaround of it?
  12. Hi! First post here. After months of lurking and picking up tips from other users topics I need more direct help. I'm quite new to Houdini and I hope you share some ideas. With given FBX meshes, I have to simulate a gate being rammed out from a wall. Chunks of portal around the gate are supposed to be pulled out with it, hit the ground and crumble into bricks while the rest collapses. Gate itself is animated with bones, not physics-driven. After many experiments, I couldn't achieve that two-step fracture (big pieces falling on impact and then crumbling). This is what I've already tried: 1. I've split all wall FBX into bricks using Voronoi fracture fed with array of points (four pieces total: the portal, left, right and top parts of the wall). 2. I've divided the portal into chunks by grouping fractured elements with separate glue constraints. 3. I've created set of constraints for each piece.). 4. I've constrained all parts of the portal to the animated gate. 5. I've imported gate and wall as RDB Packed Objects to a DOP and fed it to bullet solver. 6. I've set up constraints networks for each piece with SOP solvers connected. The idea was that the portal is connected to the gate by glue constraint with infinite strength (-1) and pulled that way out of the wall. After few frames the constraint is severed by deleting lines in SOP solver. Constraints for individual chunks remain until they are broken by impact with ground. Meanwhile the result is that: when portal-gate constraint is removed while the portal is still in the wall, it's being abruptly shot upward. It looks like the animation (which I can't alter) forces meshes to overlap, so they pop when it loses control over them. When the constraint is removed few frames later when the portal doesn't collide with anything, it gains such high acceleration already, that bricks spray all around as if it has been an explosion. I suspect that my pipeline my be noobish, but I couldn't find any resources on similar cases. Unfortunately I can't share screenshots nor files as they are part of a commission. I'll appreciate your help.
  13. Export houdini to unreal engine

    Hello, people of OD force, I am a noob at Houdini only a year of experience with the software but I am having fun and enjoy learning it. Now I am doing a short film for university and I made a few different effects. I have accomplished the effects I wanted but the problem is I cannot seem to be able to export them, I tried, alembic, FBX and HDA but none of them works. I was planning on rendering on unreal so that's where I want import them but I can't figure it out how to do this. More info The effects I have done are two volumes sop and an rbd fracture. I believe I am doing something wrong with the fracture but the cloud man and the volumetric fog might be because they don't have any geometry but I am not sure. My option or best bet is try to work out hdas or just rebuild all the effects in unreal or Maya or even do them in compositing. This is why I need you people of the internet to help another human being out, please. I'll be leaving the hip files so you can check it out and understand the situation better : fog_effect.hip test_smoke_3.hip fracture_judgement_export.hip and the files I am using in the scenes needed files.rar All your wisdom is appreciated Thank you Juanandonly
  14. Greetings, First post here and I'm very excited, I hope occasional technical questions are fine. I recently took on learning Houdini and even after following my first tutorial I seem to be stuck in terms of getting an animated FBX output so I can place it in my UE4 project. I know there are tons of videos and tutorials on this but please believe me even after watching them all I still can't get it to work. I know this should work on my licence version too so I desperately need help after days of work. Following this tutorial I could get it working with my own 3D file instead of the test_geometry and have the exactly same setup right now; https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=KGyiTQhS8ec Though, when I render in alembic as in the tutorial the output file is around 80GB (yes) and I obviously can't import it to UE4 - I have tried smaller versions and it works perfectly. Though I need the full 250 frame animation to be exported and be able to import to UE4, I have seen quite complex simulations can be transferred. Right now, I have tried to export it using the Animated FBX in File menu as it is the most direct and straightforward or seemingly straightforward option. Though it creates an 8 byte FBX along with a xxxxx.fpc folder which I am not sure what to do with, I browsed a bit but was a dead end in terms of having a single FBX. Later on, I learned that in the /out context I also can create an Filmbox FBX Animation node and render it from there, as in the tutorial I simply do have a Geometry Node with everything happening inside and with an OUT null node at the very end. I picked the OUT node in my File 1 Geometry but it only generated a few bytes of file. I then tried to use the RBD to FBX node from the Game Dev shelf, learned that a geometry has to be packed after getting the error that the node I was trying to export is not a geometry. So, before the OUT null I used a Pack node. I was like, this time it did work but it generates a 800mb FBX with 250 frames, UE4 sees that it is animated but it doesn't actually move and is as if it was a single frame. One giveaway of the problem was that when rendering it renders the first frame for a minute or so and then jumps to 250 right away and finishes. Also double checked with the 3D file viewer that it is not animated. Lastly I tried the vertex_animation after seeing another few sets of tutorials, this time creating a CACHE_OUT and IN nodes too, but this time got this error at the start of render; Error rendering child: /out/vertex_animation_textures1/render_position_and_packed_pscale/render_position_and_packed_pscale Right now I feel like; GETTING AN ANIMATED FBX SHOULDN'T BE REALLY THIS HARD and finally understand why people are so scared of this software :-) I wonder what would anyone suggest for me to try at this point? If it would help I can send some screenshots of the node trees. Thanks very much.
  15. Hi Guys ! I would like to know if there is a simple way to create hierarchy in Houdini and Export them into a FBX ? It seams that a subnet in OBJECT working fine of one level but if i want multiple level ? Box_1 Box_2 Box3 Box_4 ... I find this : i'm gonna study it : https://sondreutheim.com/post/houdini__hierarchical_fbx_export But maybe there is an easier way now ? Have a nice day all !
  16. Hello, I have question. I voronoi the object in houdini. And export as fbx. But the exported object has some of combiend vertices. How can I fix that? Or fix in 3dsMax? Thank you
  17. FBX to Unreal

    I recently ran into a bunch of issues in getting fbx animation out of houdini and into unreal so I thought I'd share the process so that hopefully noone else needs to run into the same issues. Quick version: Use the ROP FBX Output in sops, don't bother with the labs RBD to FBX ROP Turn on "build heirarchy from path" on the FBX Output All intrinsic pivots should be zero
  18. RBD to FBX error

    Hi All, I'm playing around with H18.5 - I made a little sim using the rbdbulletsolver SOP but when I plug that into a ROP/RBD_to_FBX I get an "invalid node name" error and no FBX is produced. Python error: Traceback (most recent call last): File "<stdin>", line 1, in <module> File "labs::Driver/rbd_to_fbx::2.0, PythonModule", line 28, in export File "labs::Driver/rbd_to_fbx::2.0, PythonModule", line 75, in export File "labs::Driver/rbd_to_fbx::2.0, PythonModule", line 203, in build_individual_nodes File "C:/PROGRA~1/SIDEEF~1/HOUDIN~1.351/houdini/python2.7libs\houpythonportion\ui.py", line 1010, in decorator return func(*args, **kwargs) File "C:/PROGRA~1/SIDEEF~1/HOUDIN~1.351/houdini/python2.7libs\hou.py", line 13126, in createNode return _hou.Node_createNode(self, node_type_name, node_name, run_init_scripts, load_contents, exact_type_name, force_valid_node_name) OperationFailed: The attempted operation failed. Invalid node name Not sure what the deal is - could it be the RBD SOP node? Am I sending the wrong data into the ROP?
  19. mixamo crowds

    Hi all, some help needed with crowds and fbx (mixamo). I'm trying to set a simple crow solver. It works fine with the built in mocap, but when importing a mixamo fbx, then I can't get it to work. What am I doing wrong ? here is the file: https://drive.google.com/.../1IYXwa3ZQ1a4wDBWKCuO.../view... Thank you for your help!
  20. Hi, I would like to ask how to export instanced geometry using Instance Node to FBX? I would like to get the instanced geometry out to work with it in Maya LT (that's why FBX) Thank you in advance!
  21. Hi, Whenever I try to use the file node to import an .fbx into my scene, and render it with renderman's it, Houdini crashes! I tried new scenes, different houdini versions, clean scenes, but to no avail! Funny thing is that the scene that started first displaying this erratic behaviour, already had a file node importing an fbx file and renderman had no problems with it! Anybody have any ideas? I haven't been able to use renderman after that and it's driving me crazy! Thank you for your time, G.
  22. Hi! New user here. Was testing the software expecting it to help me with some big FBX files that needs to be polygon optimized. I come from a 3dsmax background so progressing slowly here. Ive some fbx coming from catia files that are BIG. Big in the GB size, and big on the number of objects(tens of thousands or even hundreds). I was trying to import some of this files and it really looks that hoidini cant do it properly, waited for 6-7 hours and nothing. SO I tried with a file in he 300 MB size, and happened the same. Im sure Im doing something wrong, because 3dsmax import it with no issues, maybe I have to wait an hour or two, but thats it. I dont want to give up so early, any help on this? Thanks in advance!!
  23. Hi, I have an exporting problem. I made a geometry that I'd like to use in a game engine. However, if I make some simple modifications (like deleting some primitives with a blast node, align some points) before the export, the resulting .fbx is all messed up. But If I export it without modifications, it looks fine. What's going on? Sorry about the size of the .hip file attached, I have to freeze the cache file inside. export_bug.zip
  24. Wedging before 17.5

    i have a simple vellum sim in Houdini 17 with a few parameters i would like to change each iteration. The sim takes 45 frames to give the result i want and in the end i export an fbx. is it possible to run these 45 frames multiple times with different parameters and each time export a different result to fbx?
  25. Embed Texture in FBX

    Hey guys, I am trying to create a workflow with which it is possible to embed texture image files in a FBX. I know that I will probably have to write a python script to do so. Maybe one of you has already done anything like that and could help me out? Regards, Emil