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I'm using Houdini 16 on windows 10. I have been trying to find the Houdini console on the interface but have failed to do so. I'm not sure if I'm looking for the correct thing either. Basically, I want to look at the code it outputs whenever I do anything on the interface. I want to learn the scripts for future references. If anyone can enlighten me on how to open up the Houdini console, that would be great.

Note: I'm not looking to open up the Houdini Script Editor where I type my own script. I want to see Houdini's existing codes.



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The console is just a log rolling by. Mostly error/warnings . There is no "code" produced by the log, say like in Maya/Blender where tool and interface commands are echoed. But you can force the console to appear by putting a print statement in a python node.


To examine what a shelf tool does just right-click on it choose Edit Tool and look at the Script or Code tab. Not all tools will have full code, but many do.

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