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Editing non-uniform scaled bone transforms

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EDIT : This may be something different.  When parent bones have non matching scales to the current edited bone, this issue arises.  Going to poke around, issue remains tho, on uniform scaled bones too.

I'm not sure if this should be in the scripting forum or not... But I'm running into some issues with non-uniform scaled bone's becoming uniformly scaled when using the agent edit node.
I'm specifically trying to edit the bones through vex at this point now.

It seems to change a non uniform scale to a uniform scale after using the maketransform vex function.

I'm noticing this issue when polar decomposition and transposing of 4x4 matricies being scaled by one of the scale's values when only modifying a position or rotation of the matrix.
As tho, instead of scaling by {1.2, .8, 1.3} it scales by {1.2, 1.2, 1.2} or maybe its just the vector's length of the found eigenvalues.

Like when using the agent edit node, it will change any edited bone's non-uniform scale to a uniform scale.

Has anyone found a simple way to get around this, other than manually editing the matrix position W row and using dihedral math to rotate the bones?

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