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Blur Volume Using Volume Vops


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I found this topic and think it's best to post here instead of creating another topic about blurring volumes.

What I'm trying to do is blurring the volume according to its velocity grid. At the moment I've managed to mask the areas I want to blur withe the Smooth VDB node, but is there a way to blur the volume directionally?

Like baking the motion blur in the grids that I want to avoid writing the velocity grids in my vdb file.


Thanks in advance! :D

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Thanks for the answer Brian!


I'm still a bit of a newbie on Houdini (less than a year of real work on it), and your hip file is very useful!

I'm looking into your hip file and testing on a basic billowy smoke, but for the moment it doesn't recognise my velocity grids (vel.x, vel.y and vel.z).

What I've found is that pyro sims usually create three grids for the velocity, so to match what you did I would need to merge them in a single vector float VDB if that's right.

I'll try to find myself, but if you have an idea on how to do that, that would be awesome too.


--------------------------------------------- EDIT ---------------------------------------------------

OK, editing, because I forgot that there's a VDB vector merge node just for that haha

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