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Mini Houdini for iOS?


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Would anyone else like to see a watered down version of Houdini on tablets like that sexy new iPad Pro? I personally think it would be nice to have one just to test out ideas with it. Maybe one that doesn't even sim at all but has all the nodes available so you can test out concepts/ideas on the go. What do you guys think?

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I have been working on figuring out if the Houdini Engine can be used with metal. I would love to try to get some of the shading and light (LookDev) onto a tablet but it until I finish my current project it is going to be a bit!

What feature were you thinking? for me have the ability to view bgeo in a tablet environment would be great!

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I don't know if the spin-off product TouchDesigner shares any of its DNA with modern Houdini, but its tablet-oriented interface shows there could be potential there.



In the meantime, something like Astropad or Foundry's upcoming Elara might be able to mimic a native experience.  (Astropad Studio hampered Houdini’s viewport frame rate the last time I tried, but performs admirably in other programs.)



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