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Facet SOP ignores group selection


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i wanted to use the Facet SOP on a certain selection of points. The node network looks like this:


The group parameters are as follows and select four points.


The Facet SOP parameter are as follows:


Every option I select in the Facet SOP (e.g. Make Planar) effects all points and not only the selected points. Has anyone an idea why ? Thanks in advance


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Yeah, I suppose the algorithm used to calculate the normals runs through the whole geometry regardless


However, you can simply use the group in a wrangle just below to zero out the what you don't want



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@vtrvtr: Thanks. Hmm okay, seems like a big oversight. So it is not possible (without custom expressions) to change cusp angle or make planar locally on a specific group.How do you handle such situations in houdini ? 

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Okay I have found the solution. The Group Type parameter has to be "Primitives":


Then the Facet SOP will take only the prims defined in the group. If you switch to "Points", then all points will be processed!

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