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Can't Bake CHOP in H16

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I want to be able to bake chop-driven animation at the object level.
I created a simple hip file with an animated box to test.
I have animation key frames on translation.
I added a wave motion FX to tx.
I tried the following:
RMB over tx->Channels and Keyframes/Bake Keyframes…/Bake Keyframes on Selected Segments
Bake CHOP Exports to Channels/Bake, Keep Export Flags
Bake CHOP Exports to Channels/Bake, Disable Export Flags
Bake CHOP Exports to Channels/Bake, Create Delete CHOPS and Move Export Flags

None of the above appear to work.
What am I missing?
Houdini version: 16.0.600



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I've also had the same issue. After contacting the wonderful support though, they informed me of the existence of the Bake-Animation-ROP, which I had no idea about.

It does the trick perfectly with the option "Animation from Parameters". You just have to type in the channel names. :)

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On another try, on another day, I also found the cause why in my particular case, the context menu option wouldn't work. The following checkbox was disabled:


After enabling this and setting the frame-range manually, it worked. :)

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