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Smoke From POP


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Hi. Im new to smoke simulations and are no good at expressions.
I have a simulation where I need to emitt smoke from particles. I want my smoke to burst/explode for just a minimum of time right after my particles dissapear/die. Like boiling bubles or something like that.
Is there a good way to set up my smoke sim, so it starts from each particle in just at the end of my particles life and then make it explode?

thanks for any help

File to project:


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Hello veagardaarhus


   The easiest thing would be to delete your particles by their @nage attribute (it is the normalized age attribute and it is created for free if you made your particles with a popsolver) Just drop a "attribute wrangle" node after your cached particles node and wrtie :



it will only keep your particles just before they die (you can adjust the "0.9" value to suit your needs) you can feed those particles to a fluid source with the "stamp point" option and feed that as a source for your smoke sim.


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