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I can't find solution with creation dirt from wheel.
For now i created sticking particles to the wheel.
The problem is when sticked particles have to fall they started emitting every frame.
I need only existing point to stick and then fall off.


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Hello alex333d,

    I had quite a similar task to do, I ended up using a sop solver for activating the particles that needs to fall off.

- Basically you can scatter your points on your wheel on a static frame and then you can use a point deform to make them stick to the animation. 

- Once you have those animated points you can feed them into a SOP solver and give them a custom attribute when a certain condition triggers it (you can for example use a dot product with the wheel's direction as a threshold) and register if this is the first time it is activated or not.

- Then you just need to isolate those activated points to feed them to DOPs.


I am not sure if I am completely clear in my explanation, if you are interested, if I have some time in the evening I can to a quick .hip file with the setup.

Hope this helps!

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