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[redshift] Outside material issues in Boolean Shatter network

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I know you need to enable the ‘binsidea’ group on the Boolean SOP for your inside material in a Boolean Shatter fracture.

What I’m confused about is proper application of your outside material.
In the attached pic you can see I have defined my Outside material BEFORE my Boolean SOP.
And my Inside material is after, pointing to the binsidea group.

The problem is I am seeing the edges of my cut geometry (vdb spheres) in my Outside material.

Am I applying my Outside Material correctly? DO I need to define a group for Outside as well? Should my Outside Material SOP come AFTER my Boolean SOP?



BooleanShatter_with RSMaterial_v2.hiplc

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Try putting a material on both the inside and outside, as well as a normals sop on both.

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hmmm, Thanks, no but I did find I can paste my Material SOP after the Boolean SOP using a * ^binsidea group selector. makes more sense as well. And the appearance of the cutgeometry in the starting geometry minimized by reducing the detail in the Convert SOP. Probably not possible to eliminate entirely and using a Switch targeting  the frame just before the shatter begins makes the most sense.

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