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Cloth/FEM and RBD/Bullet interaction

John Svensson

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I've been searching the forum on this topic but didn't find much.

Is there a way to get a somewhat correct collision behavior between the cloth solver and the RBD solver running parallel in the same DOP network?

I've a bunch of cardboard boxes that's suppose to stack on each other. I'd an idea that the cloth boxes that had come to rest would switch over to be a RBD objects instead, to optimize the sim.

But first I got to get the solvers to interact. Any ideas?

A simple test scene with the setup is attached (without the switching stuff). 


/ John

Edit: Ops double post :/

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Changed my approach. Simulated each box with several smaller plates constrained together, to get some sort of organic/squishy feel to them. More flexible solution.

Still curios about interaction between FEM and RBD though. Read in the help about affectors, but didn't find an example file where they are used.

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