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Understanding Vex documentation

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I have been reading the houdini manual section on vex. I must be understanding the documentation incorrectly. For instance, here is the syntax in the documentation for "if" statement:

if (conditionstatement_if_true [else statement_if_false

What I don't understand is that syntax doesn't work.

If I write: if (@id < 60) force.y = 20 [else force.y = -20]; 

that does't actually work. I must write this:

if (@id < 60) force.y = 20;
else (force.y = -10);

Writing it that way works. Why would it show the syntax the other way if it doesn't work?

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This is at the top of the help page.


As in C and many other languages, you can enclose multiple statements inside curly braces to act as a block.

The bracket just means the statement is optional.

A lot of languages are based upon the syntax found in the original C programming language book. Pick it up at a used book store or online.



Meanwhile, report the documentation confusion to support@sidefx.com.


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