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Houdini Beginner....need Some Help Here

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Hello People

I am a Maya user, and having heard a lot about Houdini, decided to check it out and I downloaded the apperentice version. Unfortunately, I can't make head or tail of the UI :blink:

On top of it the help files aren't really all that helpful (at least I feel so...) So anybody know a good tutorial on the web which explains basic things like box modelling and/or the UI and how to move about? Any help here would be appreciated.

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The video tutorials are a bit outdated but they mostly still apply.

From 3D Buzz:


- at www.3dbuzz.com, you may have to register first

The H5.5 video tutorials:


- Check out the Rollercoaster course which has a .PDF file as well

After some basic videos to see how people use Houdini, the Quickstart tutorials in the online help should be easier.

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I'm sure I have seen pretty much every Houdini resource there is and for starting off there is nothing as good as the 3DBuzz lessons. They start right at the beginning and work in a logical progression. The others really jump around and only focus on specific tasks. That is great once you understand the basics but for getting the foundation use 3DBUZZ!

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