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Beginner scene reconstruction question

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Hi!  I am a total beginner to Houdini, but I have experience with abstract visuals in OpenFrameworks.  I am wanting to do something like this in Houdini:




Are there any other options besides Cinema4D to get a scene reconstruction like that?  I have used Nuke and Blender for 2D tracking and played with a trial for 3DEqualizer...  I am a little bit confused by the differences between single-point tracking (which I have done) and full 3D tracking.  It seems like the fancier tracker websites (Bonjou, SynthEyes) discuss 3D tracking in the context of solving for camera or object motion but what I need here is the actual objects.


I would also be ok with coding something up using OpenCV, I have a little bit of experience with that library... but it would be better if I can either a free program or a program that I already have (Blender, Houdini, Nuke).



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Yes, you can do it but Houdini doesnt have a 3D tracker like C4D, but you can import you track data into houdini. Then if you want to create geo from the points you could use the "PointcloudIso", "vdbFromParticles", "triangulate2D" to make all other kind of fancy stuff you have the connect adjacent pieces SOP to make those lines connect like the video that you showed. When you get more comfy with Houdini you can build in Vex as well if you wish. That should get you started. 

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