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low-mid budget for a 1440p monitor

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Hi houdini wizards! I hope u are all doing well.

I started working as Houdini Freelance some months ago and I need to upgrade a bit my setup!

I already have a DELL uh2414  (Full HD) and I thought it was fine until I worked in two studios with  Double 27 QHD monitor  and  a  32inch 4k in the other one and I cannot handle to work anymore on a fullHD 24 inch monitor! haha

I need a good quality mid-budget (around 500€)  1440p monitor to use it as main monitor and degrade my uh2414 to second monitor.

1. Is the Dell UltraSharp U2715H (460€ in my retailer) a good choice or should I aim to another brand/model?

2. What about using a 32-40 inch 4k Smart TV? I realized that a 40 inch Samsung UE40MU6105  is around 500€... and it's 4k! 

Thank you as usual!!!

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