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rotating in increments

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I'm hoping I'm missing something basic, but is there a way to turn on incremental snapping for the rotate tool in Houdini? I'd like to set it so it rotates in increments of 22.5

I'd also like to do the same with the move tool. Have it only move in increments of 1.


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Ok, will do. Anyone know how to script this behavior in the meantime? Is that even possible?

I guess it would be ok(ish) right now to press a hotkey and have the object rotate by 22.5 each time I press it. I only need to rotate things around Y for now.

For the translate snap, I can use grid snapping for now.

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I am beginner in Python, but this seems to work:

for node in hou.selectedNodes():
    parm = node.parm("ry")
    value = node.evalParm("ry")


You can create tool and hotkey like this. I have few little snippets like this, in a new shelf:


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Btw with the Autohotkey, you could remap this temporarily to any Key + Scroll wheel. I am using few Houdini specific .ahk, so it doesn't affect other programs:

SetTitleMatchMode, 2
#IfWinActive Houdini

send {PgDn}


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Thanks @ikoon. It works great, and now I know how to apply scripts too! This tiny script will save me hours.

That's true @f1480187. That's the response I got from sideFX when I RFE'd this. The ladder does technically work, but its not a very good method for what I need though. I want to see if Houdini would make a good tile set editor for games, and I see the incremental snap feature as a pretty big deal for making that easy to work with. Its not easy to use the ladder to get exact numbers, particularly if they are not whole numbers. For instance, consistently, and quickly, getting values of 22.5, 1.25, 72 is not easy to do once. Imagine doing that thousands of times as I'm laying out a bunch of tiles where the numerical value is paramount. Maya and Unity integrate step snapping into their apps in a much simpler way than Houdini's ladder, which is great for some things, but crappy for this.

Anyway, I've got a few hacks and workarounds now, including making big grids of points, and snapping to them. It's not ideal, but should let me test out some of the other features I need.

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