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How to use a point attribute for Distance Scale in Poly Extrude?


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I saw a tutorial by Rohan which uses Point SOP to post displace the extruded points but I am looking for a way to directly use a point attribute to drive my poly extrude. Is it possible or is poly extrude only limited to prim attributes when it comes to using attributes to override parameters?


Thanks :)

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Yeah it seems like polyextrude only takes prim attributes. If you want to extrude individual points on a mesh then a displacement is the way to go. I've thrown together a couple of quick examples, including one where I have separated out the prims with a fuse sop set to unique and one where I've ran a polyextrude in Individual components mode and then displaced the points with a random function in a wrangle. Not sure if it's any help but maybe it'll give you some ideas?


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