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Distance between point on plane and curve into an attribute?


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I am trying to accomplish something similar to this tutorial: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ejWtQnZJHdk

I have a grid which I am extruding with polyextrude, but I want the extrusion of the grid to be controlled by a curve.

So then I can draw a curve over the top of the grid and the extrusion will not get past where the curve is. 

This is so that I can essentially 'carve' a line through the extruded cubes.

I have this partially working, which I did so by copy stamping a sphere along the curve and then using the transfer attributes node. I attached an image of the scene I have to better explain.

The problem with this though is that the resulting value of the attribute is arbitrary it seems. It does not represent the actual distance of the surface from the curve. So the extrusions do not end up touching the curve perfectly.

How do I make an attribute that represents the exact distance between a given point on the surface and the nearest point on the curve?



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ok....here...using @dist...(this is from ray, do not confuse with dist from polyextrude)

The 'dist' from poly extrude is a multiplier to the @dist from ray.

You can change the ray method to Min Distance to get an interesting different look.

somewhat related to this thread:




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