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HDA Callback connecting with function


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hou.pwd() just point to the current node (where the code is called from), alternatively you can use hou.node(".") which basically does the same thing, unless someone knows a real difference.

to query other nodes you can either use relative pathing: hou.node("../otherNode") or absolute paths if you wish hou.node("/obj/geo1/otherNode")

on the other hand, for the network editor, if you want to return all selected nodes, there is the function: hou.selectedNodes() which you could use in shelf tools for instance

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I understand the function(parameter) then within the CallBack Script you call the function with the parameter being hou.pwd().  I assume this is linking the function with what is within the CallBack script. 

If my understanding is correct, then hou.pwd() must be first call in the Callback script that represents the current node ?

One other thing why call .HDAModule() within the call back script of a HDA if you're not using any functions or classes within the module ?

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You must place it in a order.

hou.pwd() being the first, hdaModule(),representing the digital asset (HDA) followed by the function; any reason for this order ?

As well I was reading on the .hdaModule() class and I was wondering how can I read all the methods and functions within this module ?


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