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RDB driven by POP network

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Firstly, I'm very new to Houdini (coming from Maya), so I apologize if this has been posted before; when looking for a solution I may have just not searched the correct terms.

At 49:00 in the below video, Jeff Wagner demonstrates an RBD solver that is 'driven' or on some level involves a POP network.  I want to achieve a similar effect. I currently have a shattered object (using another tutorial to create jagged voronoi).

Additionally, I'd like to scatter points along the inside point group (from shatter) to create wires, Entagma recently released a tutorial that I can probably use. Getting curves that are affected by gravity would be a perk, but it might be beyond ability trying to make them dynamic constraints to the shattered pieces, etc. If I don't do this however, I might have an issue with them clipping into the geo.  Thoughts on how to make them collide-able at least would be appreciated.

Would love anything to point me in the right direction.



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Thanks! Integrated this into my setup last night, it appears the main driver for this to work is the popattract node? I had an issue with the inside and outside pieces not being treated as a whole piece, but unchecking Create Name Attribute fixed it; this appeared to be caused by a remesh node that affected the inside faces immediately after the voronoi.


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