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Blood in water


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Hi Guys,

I am struggling to achieve a believable blood in water effect. I was hoping someone could give me some tips or advise to help steer me in the right direction.

Currently I am using a pretty simple pyro setup and sourcing a custom vel field, in an attempt to simulate underwater turbulence.

I am also wondering if I may be approaching the problem in the wrong way and if there is a better solution. I've attached a scene file incase this helps.

I have posted an example below of the look I am trying to achieve. Between 0:21 and 0:25. Essentially the blood flowing from the chunder and dispersing. 

Many thanks,




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Here is a quick setup that should help.

It naturally needs tweaking, and the animation of the source needs to be a lot more natural.
the main part to make it feel like blood rather then smoke is to make it really really slow.
seeing that you have two liquids inside of each there there needs to be a lot more diffusion and slow over all movement. 

Hope the scene file can help.


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