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Orient Along Organic Surface?

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@MrScienceOfficer: Thank you for the file! Learned a lot in setting up transform matrices in vex. It makes much more sense now!

@julian jonhson: Thank you also for the file, a lot going on in the wrangles :D But indeed, that looks snazzy. This system could very much be also used with the hair grooming tools.
Regarding the scaling: That's a much simpler fix! *thumbs up*

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Thanks to both of you, that solves it.


On a whim I went a head and duplicated the entire network and used an object merge to bring in the result from the first network. Now I get parts/pieces on top of other parts/pieces. This must be how a greeble works.


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Has anyone been able to implement this using packed prims?  Making physical copies of geometry like this is way too taxing for what Im trying to do (city creation)

Been bashing my head against the wall trying to figure this out, biggest issue is I have some square geometry and some non-square base geometry, currently trying to calculate @scale (going into a copy to points) based on the length of each side of the polygon but I don't really know the math and am stuck

Another approach I tried and failed at was implementing what you guys did here with reading the uv intrinsic and tried applying that to setprimintrinsic() but couldnt figure it out, any help here would be amazing

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