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display msg at the bottom

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thanks bonsak,

i want to give a msg to the user to select a node.

once selected i want to store the resulting node in a variable.

how do i do this?



import toolutils
scene_viewer = toolutils.sceneViewer()
positions = scene_viewer.selectPositions(prompt="select a node")

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Check out the hou docks for the hou.SceneViewer class: http://www.sidefx.com/docs/houdini/hom/hou/SceneViewer.html
You can do like this to ask the user to select an object:

scene_viewer = toolutils.sceneViewer()
nodes = scene_viewer.selectObjects( prompt='Select objects', sel_index=0, allow_drag=False, quick_select=False, use_existing_selection=True, allow_multisel=True, allowed_types=('*',), icon=None, label=None, prior_selection_paths=[], prior_selection_ids=[], prior_selections=[])


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