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Switching Views using python/hscript

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I'm in the middle of making an otl for our artists and was wondering if there is a way to switch Houdini's viewport panes between Scene View and Composite View.  I haven't found the proper help files for manipulating Houdini's layout through scripting.



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You'll need to iterate through the pane tabs in the current desktop to find one whose type is SceneViewer, then:

hou.curDesktop().paneTabs()[ index_of_viewort_tab ].setType( hou.CompositorViewer)

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Thanks for the heads up Mark.  That was enough for me to search around a little more in the help files.

I have to say I found referencing UI elements a bit confusing since there seem to be several ways to look up different elements.  I ended up changing 'setType' to 'setIsCurrentTab', since I didn't want to actually change the tab but rather which one was selected.  If you have some thoughts on how I could improve this I would appreciate it.


import hou

class TabSwitch:
    Switch viewport tabs based on user input
    def __init__(self):
        self.comp       = hou.paneTabType.CompositorViewer
        self.scene      = hou.paneTabType.SceneViewer
    def getTab(self, tab):
        paneTabs = hou.ui.paneTabs()
        for pt in paneTabs:
            if(pt.type() == tab):
ts = TabSwitch()       



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