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defining normal direction with wrangles


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ok: a curve with i.e. 10 points.

I want to achieve that the normals of the curve are pointing to the next point on the curve. I want to realize it with a point wrangle node AND VOP's

I think thats an old problem but I didnt know how to search for it:-)

Thanks in advance

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PolyFrame works well in this situation, just change the tangent to 'N'. 

A vex solution would look like

if (@ptnum != npoints(0)-1)

    @N = @P - point(0, "P", @ptnum+1);


    @N = point(0, "P", @ptnum-1) - @P;
@N = normalize(@N);

.  This handles the case of the last point by inverting the vector towards the previous point. 

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If you want to achieve that in VOP just subtract NextPointPosition and P, normalize result, and connect result to N. NextPointPosition you will get with ImportPointAttribute node whre you will feed in ptnum increased by one. Thath increment you will do for all points except last one. Anyway you didnt defined where last point normal should point to. Suppose you want last point normal to point to zero point then you can use conditional to detect such case (in example it is pointvop2)




@MrScienceOfficer, you were faster I didnt see you already reply

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