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Auto swap HDRI and render

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Hey Guys,

I'm doing some lookdev right now.

I'd like Houdini to swap out the HDR environment light image. Send it off to deadline for rendering and repeat for as many HDR files I have in my folder.

Could somebody point me in a direction. I have not the slightest idea where to begin with.


much obliged

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If you are just kicking out stills perhaps you could rename all your HDRi images to form a sequence? Like my_hdr_001.exr, my_hdr_002.exr etc.

Then you could leverage the $F frame number variable to swap the image when the frame changes. my_hdr_$F3.exr.

If you have 40 hdr images set your timeline to 40 and submit a single scene for rendering. Each time the frame changes a new HDRi image will be used for that frame.

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