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[QUESTION] Clamping parameter inside detail attribute?


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Hello everyone, here's the issue I'm encountering:

From a set of points I'd like to delete all but one of them, and with a slider on the upper level be able to select which. I managed to to that, but if the slider has a value bigger than the total number of points I have a problem. So I thought about maybe clamping the slider value between 0 and the total number of points. I don't know if that is possible, but here's what I tried so far:

Attribute Create node (posAttr) with a detail attribute (posAttr) with the following value: clamp(ch("../posParm"), 0, $NPT)

After that a Delete node, Delete by Expression, Filter: $PT == detail("../posAttr", "posAttr", 0)

I expected this would evaluate the value coming from the ch in the upper level and always clamp it between 0 and the number of points, but instead it does nothing. If the value goes past the number of points it still 'crashes'. If this is a completely wrong approach, how else could I accomplish this? Thanks in advance!

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