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Hard Constraint rotation works in H13, breaks in H16 ?

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This Hard Constraint (type: position and rotation) works perfectly fine in Houdini 13, but not in Houdini 16.

The rotation falls apart and I have tried anything to get this to work, but without luck.

It's a simple setup: a constraint between two boxes.



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I don't have h13 installed, can you upload a gif of what its meant to do?  The setup is behaving as expected as far as I can see; the first constraint locks only position, so the system pivots around that point when hit, the second constraint locks only rotation, so the second box is free to fall; there's no position constraint to hold it in place.


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Are either of these what you're after? I swapped the middle constraint to a cone twist, with the max out rotation at 180 so it can spin around the long axis. If I move the position constraint to the center its all stable, if I move it to the side it gets a bits wild, so I add some drag to calm the system down.



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Yes!  It's the second one I was after.


So, in conclusion:

Box 1 has a pin constraint (constraint type "position" only)
Between Box 1 and 2: Instead of using a Pin constraint with constraint type "rotation" (H13), we now (H16) have to use a ConeTwist Constraint (constraint type "all") to get the same effect. 

Thank you Matt!! (and keep up the good work you are doing on Tokeru.com!)


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