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Save a group of nodes to be called later using tab

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Is there a way to save a group of nodes so that they can be called later on the same way other nodes would? I don't necessarily want a digital asset (meaning I don't want the nodes in a subnet), but rather just a preset a few nodes that I use often. For instance, creating a copy to points where a small sphere is already attached to the first input. Or a point vop that already has an noise node hooked up to a fit range and ramp parameter. 

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Another method is through the shelf:


You can drag the node(s) to a shelf, this will create a new shelf tool which creates those ones when clicked.

If you then right-click on that shelf tool, you can go to edit.  In the 'Context' tab, there's settings where you can have it show in the tab menu for contexts of your choosing.  You can also name the tab submenu path here as well.

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