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how to customize rop alembic output

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hey all,

I'm trying to cache out some geos using alembic rop output driver to let them go to maya, it works but I'm having issues customizing the name of geos to get them right in maya

for instance, in a situation like the image attached, I'd like to have an alembic that contains 3 mesh, each of them with the name "box" "sphere" and "torus" , instead I have a single mesh with the name of the geometry node



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On the Alembic ROP "Hierarchy" tab check the "build hierarchy from attribute", then specify an attribute you would like to split the geometry by in the "Path Attribute".

If you created a string attribute on each of the meshes, i.e name = "box", "sphere", "torus" ... when the alembic is brought into Maya each mesh will be named and combined accordingly.  


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No problem, you could rename the shape nodes with something like this ... super rough!

I haven't come across a solution that doesn't involve writing a script. Let me know if you find anything :)

import pymel.core as pm

ls = pm.ls(sl=True)

for x in ls:
    name = pm.listRelatives(x, type = "mesh")[0].name()
    pm.rename(x, name)


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Same issue here ... when i export a frame range into a single abc with "build hierarchy from attribute" ticked on, and use the prim-attribute "name", maya crashes everytime at the import. Single frame works perfectly though. Sequence import also works, but only with the hierarchy option off.
I'm using Houdini Indie 17 and Maya 2018.5 btw    ....  sucks if some basic roundtrip doesn't work in the end ... 

Does anyone experience the same problem and has a workaround for it?
Thank you!

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I've always used the 'path' attribute for the 'Build Hierarchy from Attribute' option.  Try creating values with slashes ('/') to represent a Maya-style hierarchy.

For example, use values like "/fx/box/box_shape" & "/fx/sphere/sphere_shape" & etc.

I believe the 2 layers of uniqueness in those hierarchy strings may be important, with 1 part specifying the geom name (transform) and the other naming the shape node.  Not positive though, since I almost never need to open up my caches in Maya.

Not sure if this would affect your crashes at all, but good luck!     :-)

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