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Justin K

Randomize Scale in For Loop

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How do I randomize the scale on lines being fed into a for loop?  Im used to using copy stamping for this but am trying to us the new methods.  Ive attached a file.  Im currently trying to drive the pscale attribute with either a wrangle or the new attribute expression sop.  I have the loop set up correctly, and the meta data node referred to as iter1 is added as spare inputs for both.  I cant put the rest together though.  :wacko:

Thanks for the help!




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so if you look at the detail syntax you have for the timeshift: detail(-1,"iteration",0)

that is correct...but for some reason you didn't have this in your attribwrangle1, just use same syntax (and same for point2, if you do use it) and she'll be roight....

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