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Particle advection


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Hello everyone,

How to set the dissipation of the pyro advected particles same as the smoke?

I emit particles only at the start frame. adjusting life expectancy and life variance doesn't seem to work.... Any ideas?

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You have many options, one of the them is to just post-sample the smoke density to adjust your particles, for example using the density sampled data to mod you pscale, color or alpha; Or you can sample dynamically the smoke density at the advection stage to for example trigger a custom age to decay your particle attributes. its all up your needs!

I hope this helps you!



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You could do a point VOP inside your DOP network, and look up the density of your smoke volume. If the sampled density gets low enough, then the point gets deleted.

Take a look at the highlighted point VOP DOP node in my attached file. I sample the second input of the DOP which I set as the pyro density (see the 'Inputs' tab), and check to see if that has fallen beneath a certain threshold. If it has, then the point gets deleted.

If you the particles to fade out more gracefully, you could use the point color to drive opacity in your shader.


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