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Refraction in AOV Houdini 16.5

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I was wondering if anyone could possibly shed some light on which AOV refraction will export into. Basically I have a plane with a classic shader assigned with pure red emission. And I have a fully refractive sphere in front of it. The red plane refracting through sphere used to export into the emission Extra Image Plane. I can't seem to find the right AOV in houdini 16.5. I've tried constant shaders and principlaed shaders as well. I've tried to export all kinds of direct and indirect refraction and emission aovs. Per-component and all comp. Its been a couple of years since I've rendering anything in Mantra but I could have sworn it used to work.

Any and all suggestion would be greatly appreciated.

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looks like all_refract and indirect_emission are what you need

"all_refract" doesn't seem to be in the dropdown list or it's named something else - all you have to do is put all_refract in the vex variable slot.

indirect_refract seems to work too

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