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Why does mantra takes so long time ??

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Hi !

I just wanted to familiar with Mantra renderer.

but It takes my time too long that I'm now just considering to buying Redshift or Octane ..

Of course I know Mantra is cpu renderer. but I just added glass sphere and metal face modeling in the scene.

and It takes about 5~8 minutes (default mantra setting)

Did I have to do something ???


If you have some tips for Mantra rendering .. please let me know T_T

and I want to know why houdini users love this renderer.


I'm beginner of Houdini. Help me please !

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this question has been asked many times already at this forum. see posts below. in general, Mantra is historically aiming at complex fx shots for film productions. given that its strength is more in flexibility and handling huge data sets rather than speed (in H17 thou there should happen major improvements to Mantra). customizability and shading context is where Mantra really shines and allows relative painless rendering of shots that might be very tedious to do with other renderers. if you need to render packshots or product/architecture visualizations there are better suited render engines for sure.



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