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Rotate object based on oriented bounding box

konstantin magnus

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I put a slightly oblique scanned object into an oriented bounding box and picked two points that are supposed to be straight. Now I am struggling to counter-rotate my mesh according to the bounding box´s orientation.

vector scan_orient = normalize( point(0, "P", 0) - point(0, "P", 3) );
vector straight = {0, 0, 1};

matrix3 rot = dihedral(scan_orient, straight);
rot = invert(rot);
@P *= rot;

What am I missing?

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That given orientation is not the optimal to align two vectors. Consider you aligning a geo to same geo rotated by 180 degrees around Y axis using edge looking straight UP. There wouldn't be any transform (vectors already pretty aligned), but orientations are vastly different. dihedral won't help there. I would build a proper basis using at least 3 points here.

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@f1480187 Okay, then let´s assume I took two or three vectors along the edges of my oriented bounding box like this:

vector scan_x = normalize( point(0, "P", 0) - point(0, "P", 3) );
vector scan_y = normalize( point(0, "P", 0) - point(0, "P", 1) );
vector scan_z = normalize( point(0, "P", 0) - point(0, "P", 4) );

Whats the most direct way to turn this into a matrix that actually rotates my object back in place?

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