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How does cloth capture/deform work?

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Hi guys,

So as you can see from the question I am a Houdini newbie, and I just can't figure out how those nodes work...  What I mean by that is that I don't get what I should plug into the inputs of the nodes and in what order. I think I got the cloth capture right (untitled.mp4), but the problem is going on from here. Just to clarify I want to use a low res cloth sim to transfer it on high res one.  Sorry for the very basic question but I couldn't find answear anywhere.




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If you open the help inside Houdini and scroll down, generally there's an example file that hopefully clarifies at least the basic usage of some node.




In this case there's one and it looks like this


The classic example of simulating a lowres sheet and transferring to a higher res one. Quite common for soft bodies. Basically you want to use the capture sop to capture the high res geo with the morphing geo and in the deform node you want to put the captured geo the lowres rest geo and the deforming low res geo, in this order. The point deform and wire deform sop works in a very similar way


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OH wow I had no idea that there are example files, I usually just look things ups in the docs, tought that they have the same stuff as help does. Thanks a lot for the help, this clears things up.

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