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Custom Shape Volume


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Hi there,

Very basic question, what is the correct way to get a custom shape volume, for example a spherical volume? When you plug geo into the volume node all it does is put a square bounding box around the geo.


many thanks in advance

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11 hours ago, Nache said:


Of course it depend on what you want.

For a basic fog I would use a vdb_from_polygon. VDB's are quite optimise.

IsoOffset is good if you need traditional volume.

The fluidsource is good if you need a simple way to "dop" your geo (emission, collision etc.).




Hi Gabriel,

Thanks for the fast reply, this helps,
Sorry to expand on this topic but reading the documentation on IsoOffset it should provide as you say a 'traditional volume' however in my context I have volume trails which should be going through the noise of the volume yet they are flat. This is making me think if it doesn't combine with Volume Trails then it's not reading IsoOffset  as a volume and needs something done to it before plugging into trails node?

I've attached a scene file.


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